Weddings and Engagements

 Carl Kosola did a wonderful job shooting our engagement photos! He picked a great location for the Fall season and brought the background scenery at a local park to life with his photo editing. He captured special moments between my fiancé and I, that made us smile as we looked back at the photos. Carl was professional and very creative during our photo shoot and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you again Kosola Photography!

– Nicole and Mike


 Carl was our wedding photographer, and we could not have been more satisfied. He was with our wedding party from the beginning of the day including getting ready for the ceremony until the end of the reception. He made great suggestions for different pictures to make our day more memorable. Carl did an amazing job putting our photo book together. He had us pick out the pictures, and he designed how all the pictures would fit in the book. The photo book is better than I could have ever imagined. All of the photographs help us enjoy our wedding day again and again. We would like to thank Carl for our great memories.

– Amie and Sam


    We hired Carl for our wedding and we couldn’t have been more pleased working with him.  Working with Carl was an amazing experience.  His level of professionalism is outstanding.  Extremely professional and creates a calm atmosphere that kept the positive energy flowing throughout the day.  During the portrait session he suggested that we all jumped and the photo turned out great.   The final products were amazing.

– Lisa and Adam


   Carl Kosola took his work very seriously on our special day.  He is very easy to work with.  I really appreciated everything he had to offer for my wedding!

– Elise and Randy



  Working with Carl was a great experience!  Prior to our shoot he provided examples of his ideas and the images he wanted to create.  Carl puts a lot of work into creating sets ahead of time, picking wardrobe and making sure every element of the shot is perfect!  His attitude is beyond professional, he takes his time to make sure everyone’s opinion gets heard and works very hard to make sure all aspects are incorporated into the set.  I had a great time shooting with he and the team at Light Illusions Studios, they work with only the most talented MUA and hairstylists in the area.  My experience was terrific, everyone was professional and very FUN! I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of our shoot.

– Sarah Clayton


    Working with Carl is always a delight. He has a great eye for recreating authentic vintage shots that almost transport you back in time! Carl is extremely professional but always maintains a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in the studio that keeps me relaxed and focused! His talent really shines through in his final product!

– Miranda Lynn


 Shooting with Carl Kosola was the perfect mixture of fun and professional! Everybody’s upbeat attitude provided a comfortable environment for a successful shoot- especially being only my second time modeling. The hair and MUA finished my hair and makeup in only an hour and had me looking just like a 40’s pin up model! With help from the team (on things like posing and location), and Carl’s creative eye for a great shot, we produced some awesome photos that truly capture the vintage look. You can see all of the combined talent so clearly in the finished products. It’s too hard for me to choose just one favorite! Carl gave me a glimpse at the professional modeling world with a helpful and fun experience that looks great in my portfolio. I can’t wait to work with the whole team again!

– Kimber Lee Kurzmann


   Carl Kosola was an amazing photographer and took his work very seriously. He is very professional with his work and is very easy to work with. An example would be when i gave him very short notice; he was able to get my pictures to me so I could send them in for an audition. Along with his excellent photography skills, Desiree, the make-up artist, did an amazing job on my make-up. She was very helpful the whole time especially when it came to choosing my outfits. I loved how she did my eye make-up different according to the pictures being taken! Carl and Desiree made a great team and i would definitely work with them again! Due to this photo shoot I was able to go to the audition I needed the photos for and was chosen to be one of the models for fashion week! Thank you Carl and Desiree for your hard work, I greatly appreciated it!

– Karlee Beebie


   Carl provided such an awesome experience.  He made me feel comfortable and beautiful.  The way he came up with ideas was amazing.  I have worked with Carl several times now and I love every single one of my pictures.  He creates such a comfortable work environment that has lots of energy that I feel like I can do anything with him.
– Stephanie Elizabeth



Vintage and Pin up

I had a great time shooting with Carl. He was very professional.  He planned ahead ideas, outfits, props, and makeup which made the shoot run smoothly and saved hours! We got the right shots in little time, keeping everything pleasant! Great job!
– Jen Kilroy


I have had a couple of great shoots with Carl, he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He catered for my needs, listened to my ideas and gave me direction when needed as well as letting me do my own thing! Quick to respond with previews of images, some excellent shots for my portfolio have come from these! I have had the opportunity to know this great photographer with great skills and always very creative. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. Thank you and can’t wait to work with you again!
– LoLa Azevedo


   I came to Carl for a Boudoir shoot. I was extremely nervous since I had never done something like this before. He was very professional and made me feel comfortable.  I am not one to wear a lot of makeup so I was a little unsure but he did an amazing job. Since I was so nervous when we started Carl helped talk me through the shoot. Quickly, I began to relax and really started to enjoy It. It turned out to be a lot of fun and made me feel gorgeous and confident.
The pictures came out better than I could have ever imagined. I ended up ordering a magazine of the pictures as the gift.
Carl sat with me to go through the pictures and pick the best ones for the magazine. I couldn’t be happier with how the shoot went and the results.  In all, this was an amazing experience that every woman should do!
– Rachael Leigh


   Carl took photos of me on a location shoot.  We talked prior to the shoot about ideas and we came up with a outdoor shoot with lots of green around.  It felt like an adventure with Carl.  He worked very hard to create a mood in the images.  I felt like I was shooting for a major magazine because the level of professional attitude was amazing.  This really helped build my modeling portfolio.
– Joy


    Working with Carl is always a blast.Carl has been a huge help to my modeling career.  He’s always there to talk me through the process.  Carl really loves what he does.  Carl has given me so much modivation to continue modeling.
– Brooke Adair


   Working with Carl was an awesome experience. I have never had a photo shoot done so I was super nervous, but Carl was very good about making me feel comfortable to get the best pose possible. He also had great patience because us girls can be very indecisive. I look forward to working with him again. It truly was an awesome experience.
Nicole Spagnolia


  I have shot with Carl on different occasions, and each time he amazes me.  Whether it is glamor, boudoir or professional head shots, I am always excited to work with Carl and always pleased with the end results.  Carl is very easy to work with and makes me comfortable, which is extremely important during a shoot.  We talk about different ideas and what we are looking for, then Carl makes his magic happen and the photos always turn out better than I had imagined!  Not only do my pictures always look amazing, but shooting with Carl is so much fun!  He makes me forget about being camera shy and we always have a great time!  Carl can capture beauty, energy and emotion in his photos and really make special images that not many photographers are able to do.  He is just simply one of the best!

-Nikki Ciaccio


   Carl Kosola has helped me build my modeling portfolio and has given me some great modeling experience.  We worked together doing a Western Themed photo shoot.  I loved the location and the theme.  Working with Carl was very comfortable and laid back.  I am not sure if it was the scenery of the farm and laid back warm weather but Carl made the shoot one of the best I have every had the opportunity of doing.  One of my favorite things about working with Carl is he is open to new ideas and suggestions.  Carl is a very open minded, creative and determined photographer.  I have done some of my best work in front of his camera.
– Jodie Lee


   The first time I shot with Carl Kosola we did a body paint shoot. There was an amazing body painter that painted his art work on my body and Carl captured the art work so well. Those pictures are some of my favorites and I have gotten many compliments from them as well. Carl was very easy to work with and we had a blast shooting. Needless to say I was not wearing much during the shoot but Carl was very professional and the job got done!!  We bounced ideas off each other and he shot some sports related themes with me with Jerseys and footballs as well.  Carl is very versatile in his work and can capture sexy, sporty, glamor, or whatever your needs are. I am very pleased with Carl and would refer him to any of my friends looking for a photographer.

– Sandra Nadola


Carl Kosola was great to work with. He is very passionate and professional about his job. He is also very easy ad enjoyable to work with. I would defiantly work with him again.
– Kelly Schleyer






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